Privacy Policy

This document is the privacy policy of the Invogue Fashions website (, operated by Invogue Fashions Private Limited. Here’s a summary of the key points covered in each section:

1. Introduction:

   – Identifies Invogue Fashions Private Limited as the operator of the website.

   – Provides the company’s registered office address.

   – Highlights Invogue’s sensitivity to privacy issues and encourages visitors to contact them with any privacy-related questions or concerns.

2. Applicability:

   – Specifies that the privacy policy applies exclusively to the Invogue Fashions website.

   – Indicates that by visiting the website, users agree to be bound by the privacy policy.

   – Describes situations in which the policy is applicable, including registration, transactions, accessing the blog, and other interactions with Invogue.

3. Collection of Information:

   – States that non-personally identifiable information is collected for visitors browsing the website.

   – Lists examples of personally identifiable information that may be collected, such as name, address, phone number, email, etc.

   – Emphasizes that providing information is voluntary, with the user’s consent.

   – Acknowledges that Invogue is not obligated to verify the source of provided information.

   – Specifies that Invogue may collect, store, and share personal information for various purposes, including compliance with the law.

4. Use of Information:

   – Describes how collected information helps Invogue improve website content, analyze data, and provide a personalized shopping experience.

   – Mentions the sharing of information with associates, subsidiaries, and trusted third parties for various services.

   – Reserves the right to disclose information to comply with legal requirements or protect rights.

5. Data Deletion Process:

   – Commits to protecting personal data and respecting privacy.

   – Provides information on how users can request the deletion of their data and encourages contacting customer care for assistance.

6. Cookies and Other Codes:

   – Defines cookies and their role in recognizing visitors.

   – States that cookies are used to enhance the online shopping process and provide a personalized experience.

   – Informs users that they can set their browser to reject cookies but with some limitations.

7. Security:

   – Emphasizes Invogue’s commitment to protecting information with technical and management practices.

   – Advises users to sign off shared computers and assures encryption of personal information on the payment gateway.

   – Recommends changing passwords frequently and warns against sharing login credentials.

   – Provides a contact email to report suspicious activities.

8. Children’s Privacy and Parental Controls:

   – States that the website is not intended for minors, and individuals under 18 are not authorized to use it.

   – Advises parents on using parental control tools to prevent children from submitting information.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

   – Specifies that Indian laws govern the privacy policy, and disputes fall under the jurisdiction of Mumbai courts.

10. Grievances:

    – Provides contact information for addressing questions or grievances about the privacy policy.

11. Miscellaneous:

    – Asserts Invogue’s final decision in case of conflicts.

    – Encourages users to read and accept the terms and conditions by accessing the website.